Overview and welcome

Welcome to the Start Growing Your Money! program! If you see the value of healing your relationship with money, but aren’t at a point where you have the money to spend on a full six-month program or you just need a boost to help with your savings savvy, you are ready for this getting started program! In this program, you will learn techniques to save for a specific goal. You can use these techniques for any savings goal you may have, but it was specifically designed to help motivated people slingshot themselves to the comprehensive Healing Your Relationship With Money program, where you will revolutionize your financial situation.

In these four lessons, we will introduce new concepts, and exercise your saving muscle to increase your ability to save, and at the end of the program you will have a workable plan, and probably already some money in the bank! We will work on establishing your savings goal, and the values behind it. We will then introduce the techniques for actually saving up for your goal. And at the end of this program, you will have everything you need to be a saving success! Remember that part of this program is two half-hour calls, one in the middle of the program, and a final call at the end of the program. If we haven’t already scheduled your calls, you can do it here:

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In this introduction section, you will find a list of things you’ll need to be successful with this program, and there is also in Initial Questionnaire. This questionnaire is particularly useful, because it will help you understand your baseline - where you are right now. It will also serve as a reference point. At the end of the program, you can review it to see how far you’ve come. So let’s get started!